How Ministry Briefing Saves Time for Pastors


Ministry Briefing helps pastors answer these questions:

  • Where can I quickly find stories for sermon illustrations and anecdotes?
  • How can I stay informed on current events and cultural trends?
  • Where can I find reliable statistics for my sermons?
  • Which church trends do I need to know about?

Each week we sort through the most reliable church leadership websites, news articles, research websites, and long form stories, summarize the 40 best, and send a nicely formatted PDF directly to your email inbox each Friday.

Our four categories include: church trends, news and analysis, cultural trends and statistics, and sermon illustrations.

Can you afford one cup of coffee each week? Then you can afford Ministry Briefing. Depending on the plan, it costs between $2.50 and $2 per week.

Read a sample of a past Ministry Briefing: MB January 2018 Week Two

Sign up for $9.99/month or $99/year (saving 20%!)

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